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Keeping you Information Secure

About Virtual Filing Cabinet

Keep your Information Secure

Copymoore have the lowest prices in Ireland for Colour Multifunction Devices 2016-2017 has seen a record high of ransomware. A study completed by invenioIT showed that Ransomware emails spiked by 6,000% in 2016 alone and this percentage is still sky rocketing. So what does this statistic mean for you and your company? Up to now 70% of businesses have paid the ransom fee to regain full control of the intellectual property and private information. With the GDPR deadline closing in on us and more and more rules and regulations being introduced to the Data Protection Act, companies are looking at fines of €20million or 4% of their global turn over if they do not have policies in place to protect them against data’s breaches such as these ransomwares.

Copymoore have worked on a software solution which can be used to help protect your information. Copymoore Secure is a virtual filing cabinet which will archive all your critical documents into predefined categories whilst encrypting them in the highest standards. Copymoore are aware of the importance of protecting sensitive information and this is why we have used AES256 Encryption. AES is the first and only publicly accessible cipher approved by the National Security Agency (NSA) for top secret information and is currently used by the US government and US military. What does this mean? Well providing the users keeps all passwords secure, it would take all the computers on the planet working together to access the AES 256 encrypted file….not millions of years, but billions of years .If even then.

Why Choose Copymoore Secure

We can keep your information safe

Save Time

Import, store and search documents with the lowest amount of manual work needed.

Reduce Costs

Save money on filing and storage costs and make your office more efficient.

Protect Against Data Breaches

Protect your information against ransomeware and data breaches through AES 256 Encryption